• Are you a NHLPA certified agent?
    (If not, think twice about building a relationship with someone who can’t negotiate a NHL contract for you)

  • What are your fees? Are they negotiable? How and when will you bill me?
    (*Standard Fees: 3% Salary, 5% Bonus, 5-15% Endorsements)

  • How many players do you represent? How can you help make sure my needs are met along with your other clients?

  • How will you prepare me for the draft? How will you get me on teams’ radars if I’m not drafted?

  • With regards to training, who pays for that and when? Do you have a facility?

  • Have you or your agency ever been disbarred or suspended?

  • Do you have a competent financial service or tax advisor? Do you receive a referral fee from them?
    (You only have so many years to make money playing hockey, think twice about who you give it to)

  • How can you prepare me for life after hockey?

  • *Fee percentages vary from client to client and depend on the duration and amount of the contract and or bonus



  • Honesty
    Does your agent tell you what you need to hear, or what you want to hear?

  • Reputation
    What kind of reputation does your agent have in the industry?

  • Accessibility
    Is your agent easy to contact? Do they get back to you in a reasonable timeframe?

  • Do You Matter
    Does your agent make an effort to see you play? Do you feel they genuinely care about you and your hockey career?

  • Clarity
    Does your agent keep you updated on contract negotiations and current situations, or do they only contact you during contract time?