Will being on The Sports Aux affect my NCAA eligibility? 

No. In all cases an “Agent” shall be deemed a “Family Advisor” as per our Terms of Service. Being verified and selecting an “Agent/Family Advisor” will not affect your eligibility. 

Why don’t I have a profile on The Sports Aux? 

The Sports Aux pulls its player profiles from eliteprospects.com. If you have a profile on their website then you will have a profile on our app.

How do I get verified on The Sports Aux?

Download the App and follow the verification process instructions. Once your request is sent in, our team will review it and get back to you as soon as we can to let you know if you have been verified.

Why would a player get verified on The Sports Aux?

Becoming verified will give players the ability to update certain information on their page. Things such as their name, birthdate and birthplace can be updated only once upon login. Player height and weight can be updated every 6 months and a players position, jersey number and Agent can be updated anytime. It’s a verified players responsibility to insert the correct information about themselves.

Who can Rate and leave Reviews on Coaches and Agents?

Only verified players have the option to rate and leave reviews on Agents and Coaches. For Coaches, only players who have had that Coach (current or past) have the option to Rate or leave a Review. Any verified player is able to Rate and Review an Agent, as long as they are 16 years of age or older. All Agent and Coach Ratings need to be approved by The Sports Aux prior to being posted in the comment section.

How does the Coach and Agent rating system work?

Verified players will answer a standardized questionnaire on Agents and their current and previous Coaches. Once their questionnaire has been submitted, it will immediately be reflected in the overall score out of 10 for that Agent or Coach. The score of 10 is comprised of 4 sections (Performance, Relationship and Administrative (Coaches) or Communication (Agents)) with a final section asking if the player would “recommend this Coach/Agent.”

What happens if I leave more than one comment/review on the same Agent or Coach?

If you leave more than one comment and/or review on a Agent or Coach it will replace your previous one. At any time you will only have a total of one review and comment that is reflected in an Agent or Coach profile.

Why is there not a different questionnaire for goalie coaches?

We are currently working on a Goalie Coach questionnaire. This will be made available in the future.

Will my agent show up on my profile for others to see?

No, only you will be able to see your Agent on your player page.

Will Coaches and Agents be able to gain access to their page?

Only players have the ability to gain access to their personal page. Coach and Agent verification may be available in the future. If you are an Agent who would like to update your page information please contact us at info@thesportsaux.com.

Can I change the order of the players I follow?

At this moment all lists are sorted in alphabetical order (Players then Goalies).

How do the recent stats work?

All stats are pulled from eliteprospects.com. The recent stats tab resets every Thursday, adding together all games played and statistics in that time period.

Why is height and weight showing up as centimeters and kilograms?

Once on your profile page, click settings and click the button labeled “Use Metric System.” This will switch back to inches and pounds.

Is The Sports Aux for females too?

Yes, if you have an eliteprospects.com profile you will have a page on our app. Females will not be able to leave Agent reviews but will be able to review their current and previous Coaches.

Can I download The Sports Aux on both iOS and Android?

The Sports Aux is only available on iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc…) at this time. We plan to expand to Android in the future.

Is The Sports Aux a free app?

Yes, the App is free to download! A subscription service will be implemented in the upcoming months to help support The Sports Aux Player Fund. All public information will be available, free of charge, for users even after the subscription has been implemented.

What is The Sports Aux Player Fund?

The Sports Aux aims to help players who financially can’t support their dream of playing hockey. The Fund’s structure is still being developed, but a portion of the profits made by The Sports Aux will go towards supporting the hockey community and providing players with an opportunity to step on the ice.

If I changed my phone number, how do I log back into my account?

Please send us an email at info@thesportsaux.com and we will update the number linked in your player page.