The Sports Aux is a Hockey App designed to be a Platform for the Players. Players can get verified, gain access to their personal page and have the ability to rate and review their Coaches and Agents. Also, Agents, Coaches, Scouts and Hockey Fans can track, follow and create specific player lists.

The Sports Aux began with the idea to start a Fund to provide kids with an opportunity to play hockey, the game we all love. Our aim is to help young aspiring players who want to lace up the skates. Supporting amateur athletes is a win-win for sport development and community growth.


Why Would I Use This App?


Players are guided through a verification process, after which they can rate and leave reviews about their current and former Coaches and Agents. These reviews will assist other players in deciding which Coach they may want to play for and which Agent or Advisor they may want to represent them.


The Sports Aux consolidates hockey data on one digital platform, providing timely and credible player information and statistics. Agents, Coaches and Scouts have the ability to create lists to follow specific players. This streamlines the process of tracking potential draft picks, recruits and current clients.

Ratings and reviews from verified players will create transparency and accountability of Coaches and Agents and will hold them to a higher standard in the hockey industry.


Dashboard and Player Pages

Users have the option to follow and create player lists of specific players that are of interest to them. The Sports Aux dashboard will display the players a user is following, making it simple and convenient to see updates on player statistics.

Player information and statistics are readily available for users to view and interact with. Once verified, players will have access to edit and update some of the information on their profile, personalizing their experience.

Coach, Scout and Team Pages

The Sports Aux provides information on Coaches, Scouts and Teams. Users have the option to view past and present statistics, as well as personal information on team personnel and management. Verified reviews on Coaches will assist players throughout their hockey career.

Agent and Agency Pages

With over 150 different Agencies and more than 500 Agents in our database, The Sports Aux will assist players in finding the right representation for them. This information is provided directly from Agents themselves, or from Agency websites and may include whether an agent is NHLPA certified or how long they have been representing players.

Following Lists, Reviews and Questionnaires

Once verified, players will be able to leave anonymous reviews about their past and current Coaches and Agent(s) for others to see.

A short questionnaire covering three different categories (Performance, Reliability and Communication/Administrative) is filled out along with comments. Once enough reviews and ratings have been generated they will be accessible to view. An overall score out of 10 combined with any comments, will reflect how players view a Coach or Agent.

Player Lists will allow Coaches, Agents and Scouts to organize, follow, recruit and track current/potential players and draft picks.


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